Food in Albany Park

Within something as small as a five-block radius in Albany Park (from 3700 W. Lawrence Avenue to 4200 W. Lawrence Avenue) you will find a huge variety or restaurants.  From Marie’s Pizza (an Italian restaurant) to Chicago Kalbi (a Korean restaurant) to Lawrence Fish Market (a seafood restaurant), Albany Park is a great place to be hungry. With a huge and delicious variety it’s hard to leave without your taste buds dancing. The trick is not being afraid of trying something new, you might just find a new favorite dish!

Reviews of Lawrence Fish Market are all outstanding. Cheap sushi, sold in bulk and delicious? Doesn’t get much better than that.  The menu is available online and it’s definitely worth a peek.  It’s a carry-out only restaurant, which works best because the restaurant itself doesn’t have much to offer on the inside. But ordering three rolls of melt-in-your-mouth sushi for $15? It doesn’t get much better than that my friends.

Chicago Kalbi is a Korean BBQ restaurant that also has a full bar. It sells such items as liver, large intestine, and tongue (see menu) but also has more traditional dishes like marinated chicken and shrimp. You’re not going to find large portions of food for cheap like at Lawrence Fish Market, but the food you do get is beyond delicious. The bulgogi (slices of ribeye in a delicious marinade) was to die for and the best Korean BBQ dish I have yet to try.

Marie’s Pizza is the best one of the coolest places I have been to (or ordered from) in Albany Park.  They offer live, free music Thursday through Saturday, hold annual car shows, and the pizza is divine, although pizza is not the only thing that’s on the menu.  Sandwiches, pasta, soups, salads, and desserts are also offered. What gives Marie’s the upper hand on the competition? You can also get liquor delivered along with your food.

These are just some of the many unique restaurants in the Albany Park Area. Remember to keep an open mind (and maybe a closed eye if a bit of dinginess will make you lose your appetite) and it’s a guaranteed delicious meal!



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1 Response to Food in Albany Park

  1. Lisa underlined the best quality food establishments have in Albany Park and that is uniqueness. Her post was very thoughtful to the many different and sometimes very interesting cuisine you can find in Albany Park. The links in her post really help the reader explore the many places she mentions. I like that she not only gave a link to the business websites but also links to reviews and also other offerings like events and specials the business has.
    I really liked the portion of the post where she is describing Chicago Kalbi and how she described the many dishes they had and even mentioned the dish she had. I thought it would have been great if she included that about the other two restaurants she mentioned as well.
    Even though I would have enjoyed a better description of the food by far the winning aspect of the post was how the atmosphere of each business was described. After I read the post I’m very interested to go some of these places I have not been yet. Her choice on Marie’s Pizza offers a great place to explore not only for food but also for entertainment. The one other thing that this post needed is a photo. I believe a picture from the live music at Marie’s would have been the best option to pick for this post.
    I enjoyed this post and from Lisa’s writing I’m very intrigued to try some of these places.

    Response by Eric Scrogum

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