Art in Every Corner

Albany Park is a diverse area filled with bright colors, flashy stores, vendors selling fruit from the back of beat-up pickup trucks, and graffiti art on local businesses and building walls. The pulse of zip code 60625 beats fast with many opportunities to experience clashing cultures’ ideas of art and entertainment.

The Albany Park Theater Project (APTP) is a way for the real-life struggles of Albany Park’s residents to be turned into shared art. On their website the company describes themselves as a “multiethnic youth theater ensemble that inspires people to envision a more just and beautiful world… [APTP] creates original theater that shares the real-life stories of urban teens, immigrants, and working-class Americans.” The blog for this organization is written by David Feiner, the producing artistic director, who states his belief that we are all storytellers. Feiner explains that this is a new project and asks for patience from outsiders, saying “We’re making a new play right now, even as we launch this blog. We promise to get the hang of it and to make this a meaningful place for you to spend some of your time.” Through their theater they hope to improve the quality of life in Albany Park as well as Chicago as a whole.

Blue Buddha Boutique located on 4533 north Kedzie Avenue Chicago, describes their business on their website as “The leader in quality chainmail jewelry supplies…created by artists for artists.” Their Buddha heads have been seen in parks in Albany Park as well as in the front window of their store.

The Albany Park Arts Festival has occurred the past three summers around late July and is held at Northeastern Illinois University along Lawrence Avenue, from Kedzie to St. Louis. Their website features information in both English and Spanish, saying “The Albany Park Arts Festival is a wonderful utopia that every summer blooms at dawn to celebrate life, diversity, arts and cultures…we are a colorful bunch, and you’re part of this rainbow of life and solidarity.” The Chairman of Staff is Zanoni Cuesta and the Secretary of the event is Elizabeth Martinez.

There are many ways to get involved with the art and entertainment happening in the diverse area of Albany Park, just by walking out the front door and into the bustling streets that make up this neighborhood.
Written by
Brooke Hawkinson
October, 24, 2012

Internet Contacts:
The Albany Park Arts Festival-
Blue Buddha Boutique-
Albany Park Theater Project (APTP) –
APTP Blog-


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1 Response to Art in Every Corner

  1. Great post Brooke! From this article, if I didn’t live in Albany Park…I would want to come to the neighborhood because it sounds like a happening place! The Albany Park Arts Festival sounds really cool and something worth attending. It is great that it is held at Northeastern because it brings the students and the rest of the community together. I also enjoy reading the quotes that you found. It helps me to feel like I am talking to the

    I think maybe you left out a word..”and”. When you say that the festival is “held at Northeastern Illinois University along Lawrence Avenue, from Kedzie to St. Louis”, it sounds like the school is along Lawrence, which it is not. The festival is held at Northeastern AND along Lawrence Avenue. I got that information from

    I was curious if there are any up and coming art & entertainment opportunities? There becomes less and less as the year draws to a close. I noticed there is a fall fest at Ravenswood Covenant Church on 10/31/12 and it was posted on October 9th. I feel like there are more recent or future events in Albany Park.

    However, this was a very informal post and interesting too!

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