Alderman is Voice of the Community

Alderman Margaret Laurino, a lifelong resident of the 39th ward in Chicago, is the true voice of Albany Park and its near surrounding areas for her implemented legislations and dedications.

She received her Masters degree from Northeastern Illinois University, was elected as the Ward’s Alderman in 1994, and has since been re-elected four times. Laurino is the Chairman of the Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety for the city and member for seven other committees in the City Council.

In her time as Alderman she has done an excellent job in increasing educational funding, reducing crime, and improving the infrastructure particularly in her ward. To ensure that the community gets more involved with the process of creating a better living environment she initiated the passing legislation to video stream Chicago City Council meetings in 2007.

She has created an Aldermanic intern program that provides college students professional work experience and an opportunity to learn government operations. Perhaps her greatest accomplishment was passing the TIF Sunshine Ordinance in 2009.  “Although media accounts would lead people to think this was a controversial issue…most of this information is already available online, if often difficult to locate. The new site will present information about TIFs in an easily accessible and comprehensive format,” said Laurino.

It is no wonder why Laurino has been re-elected four times and may be for another four if she wishes. Her commitment to education is apparent with the opening of many new schools. Laurino’s lobbying to open health centers and a new police station in the 39th Ward show her dedication to the health and safety of the community. Laurino has also worked to preserve and develop the infrastructure by spending over $10 million in public works and renovations for single-family homes and apartment buildings.

In the same sense, we the Albany Park residents need to speak up more for our community by attending events such as CAPS meetings, voting, and taking interest in the overall well-being of our safety, education, and commerce. A former Information Architect for the Albany Park Community Center sees that the center is losing prominence and productivity due to the lack of funding and people willing to help. We can make a difference in the community and what goes on by speaking to our Alderman.

By Tyler Krebs









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1 Response to Alderman is Voice of the Community

  1. Tyler, this blog post is very informative. After reading your post I feel the need to become more active in the Albany Park community. Allowing myself to take initiative in the politics going in around me. Based on my research of Alderman Laurino, she’s to thank for many of the high school openings and health centers including Swedish Covenant Hospital; our local hospital. She helps to improve the lifestyles of senior citizens and youths within this ward and the renovation for homes has increased. Laurino is the founder of the Albany Park food pantry. My question to you is, if Alderman Laurino is no re-elected should Albany Park be worried? Can we expect perspective Aldermans to keep up Laurino’s good work ethics

    -Alex Williams

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